A push for economic growth

01/09/2009 20:00

A Push for Economic Growth Peace and Order should prevail in lieu of economic push agenda in every locality and while we drive for their economic activity the people must also be assured of healthy environment equipped with development infrastructure showcasing the status of our area and as a gauge of packaging our leadership.
When we push for growth, we must make sure that a sustainable program is in place, a program that is by the hour guarded and wrap with the seal of warranty, a warrant that spells continuity and enough building blocks to make sure that each part is working accordingly.
While San Fabian Pangasinan attained its status as a prime municipality and awaits for the continuity of its program to be placed in the map of fresh tourists destination of the north for its pristine beaches and luminance street during night time, healthy people, friendly and peace loving citizens it is only but right that the people should understand the importance of continuity.
 As to whom, what and how this continuity is the November 30 deadline of filling of candidacy will spell the words clearly.