31/08/2009 10:01

Roland Hidalgo


Sta Barbara- American investors have expressed strong intention in putting up an International Airport in this town.

The US contingent who only took the “birds eye view” of the town were accompanied by Mayor Reynaldo “Rey” Velasco.

Velasco has outline his specific ninth agenda which is Community Partnership that entice active involvement of the private sector needed in building network to finance various local projects in the Municipality.

The American investors first visited Governor Amado Espino as a matter of courtesy call before exploring potential tourism and commercial areas in the Province.

In as much as Sta Barbara has been enjoying a peaceful ambiance, Velasco deemed a minimal security is only needed to allow the foreign project financiers in making a tour of areas here that could serve as potential tourism haven.

“We have not much time to go around town. I just have to accompany our visitors in taking a bird’s eye view of what Sta Barbara is, so they could relate to what projects they want to establish here and for them to finance it,” Velasco said.

Speculations on the construction of a proposed international airport here surfaced as early as the second half of last year.

He added that there are about 500 hectares of land in his town which could be available as project site.

Velasco expressed elation on the visit here of the American financiers, saying: “I am happy to know that they are interested in considering possible construction of an airport here.”

He said he has to facilitate immediacy in drafting the related proposal to support realization of the coveted airport project.

He added he is waiting for some materials which the provincial government has promised to provide the municipal government here in drafting the proposal.

“As soon as data could be made available to us, then we shall start doing the project proposal,” Velasco said in a happy face.