Bayambang Qualifies for Dilver Deal of Good House keeping...DILG

23/10/2012 16:22


BAYAMBANG-Mayor Ricardo M.Camacho accepted the marker for the Seal of Good Housekeeping Award 2011 signed by the late Secretary Jesse Robredo from the Department of the Interior and Local Government,Cluster II leader Alicia Bangwa confers the Bronze Seal during the regular flag raising ceremony hosted by the mayor’s office held october 22.

The Mayor who also considered this day as his thanks giving have thanked the Government employees by different song number  for performing their best and at the same time for striving better in the call of public service.

Bangwa, on the other hand, said that the award proves that the locality of Bayambang has complied and performed a cut among the rest in all aspects of good housekeeping including fiscal management. “Wala po ni isang Commission on Audit (COA) na may adverse report sa Pangasinan,” she noted.

The Seal of Good Housekeeping aims to elevate the practice of good governance that values desirable development outcomes into institutionalized status.

Bangwa said that along with the Seal award comes a One million Performance Challenged  Fund she however stated that the fund was not yet been released by The Department of Budget as of the moment.

she also added that Bayambang was able to make it to qualify for the next round dubbed as the Silver Seal of Good Housekeeping

To qualify for the said program, a local government must score high in planning, budgeting, revenue mobilization, financial management and budget execution, procurement and resource mobilization.

In the planning category, the LGU must see to it that its Comprehensive Development Plan and Annual Investment Plan are updated and duly approved.

Sound fiscal management must be reflected in how the LGU prepares its annual budget and in the growth of local revenues over three years.


Transparency in the procurement process and full disclosure in its finances and compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Law are also included.


Camacho in an earlier statement said that a transparent form of Government can best described his dream of completing he’s 9 years of Public Service as the Municipal Mayor.

He said that a purpose driven Public Service Bound with transparency would make his Nine year’s term complete.


Camacho at present is un-opposed in his bid to finish his last term after Jose Ramos who was a former municipal Vice Mayor has withdrawn his candidacy and is now supporting the bid of Camacho to make this locality one of the best municipalities in region one.