13/01/2010 08:55

What goes up, cannot but ultimately go down in due time. And this is not only because of the law of gravity but also on account of the temporal nature of all earthly realities. Hence, in due time, the powerful become powerless, the strong become weak, the beautiful become ugly. In the same vein, all realities that begin, eventually have their ending. Thus it is that birth and death are an infallible paring. This is true for the poor and the wealthy, the famous and infamous, the wise and the fool. The moment they begin to be, that is exactly when they begin to end.

This is why even the longest novel has an ending, the oldest calls it quits in the due time. In like manner, wealthy families also ultimately disappear, just as dynasties finally become but history. The truth is that even the world that once began, cannot but also come to an end. No King nor Queen reigns forever. No dictator dictates forever just as no ruler stays in the palace ever. This is why even the longest governing individuals cannot stop eviction from governance – notwithstanding all moves and attempts to the contrary.

The mere fact that even this long year 2009 is likewise about to end, proffers many signal lessons for those willing to learn. All beginnings and endings are intrinsic to the temporal order – the here and now. Even the so called “everlasting” diamonds admit/submit to their ending when pounded to dust. The fact is that even time itself – whose reality is inherently appended to movement – ceases when everything comes to a standstill. All these solid and sound realities forward likewise sound and solid lessons.

Let those now wallowing in power and wealth, living in untrammeled influence and basking in luxury and pride, remember that they too will definitely and finally wind up having nothing, keeping nothing – when placed in a big box or a small jar. This is certainly not pessimism but realism. Let those who are presently aspiring for very profitable elective positions or highly beneficial public offices, likewise keep well in mind that the said intimating big boxes or daunting small jars are also waiting for them. Again, this is frankly not killjoy but life in the light of truth.

In the same context, let the champions remember that they too will in time be champions no more. Let the strong take note that they too will become weak in time. Let the young keep in mind that they too will become old in the course of time. And it is unlikely that the lovely will emerge lovelier with the passage of time. Even climate itself appears to be changing for the worst for humanity. Really: Only change is changeless!

Thus: Even the year is ending!