Folks urges Shiela for VM

13/09/2009 09:46

By: Janice D. Hidalgo

General Manager

LINGAYEN-Sheila Castaneda Gonzalez now gains full support of local leaders of the capitol town after she received massive encouragement from almost all chieftains and barangay legislators here.

Gonzalez is now being pushed by the public to run as the running mate of Mayor Ernesto Jonas Castaneda in the next 2010 local and national elections.

No less than Municipal councilor Randal Beltran has confirmed that the clamor for Gonzales to lead this town’s Sanguniang Bayan is getting stronger each day.

Beltran was among top three councilors in the last 2007 elections, serving as one of the top performers in the council he was Castaneda’s bid for the Vice Mayoralty race bent to pursue the unity of the local leaders in pursuit of making Lingayen the prime town in the Western part of the province and eventually become the next Capitol City in the North.

Mayor Ernesto Jonas Castaneda on the other hand was surprised when Beltran himself approached him and laid the idea of supporting Gonzales as the Political tandem of Castaneda in the coming 2010 elections after learning that Sheila has gainfully earned the trust and confidence of the people from all walks of life to include her in the Vice Mayoralty race.

In a press forum in Dagupan Castaneda has relayed the conversation that transpired between him and Beltran.

He said that it was also the day when Beltran officially laid its support and endorsed to him councilor Sheila Castaneda Gonzales to be his running mate.

Castaneda however insisted to Beltran that he has already made his commitment to be his running mate way back before time and that he will never backed his words to him.

But Beltran insisted that he is prepared to support Castaneda and his daughter in his belief that Lingayen will be better off in the hands of those who have devoted most of their lives serving the people of this town and those who have already served this town and have contributed much in making this town one of the progressive towns in the province.

Castaneda told Pangasinan Today that he felt happy and honored that there are good people who are willing to set aside their ambitions in pursuit of public service and entrusting the leadership of this beloved town under the leadership of his family.

He was also saddened to the facts that some unity and friendships have to temporarily part ways because of some political uncertainty during this time.

But he believes that this will again be regained after the elections just as what had happened in this peaceful town when the local chief executive along with the Sanguniang Bayan has worked hand in hand in attaining some major developments which made Lingayen a prime coastal municipality in the North.

Lately the Sanguaniang Bayan has approved a resolution that will enable the chief of this town to enter into a 45 million Peso loan which will be used to support socio-economic development programs of the local government which includes the construction of a double AA slaughter House, a service vehicle for each barangay, the construction of the second level of the public market.

Meanwhile, Councilor Sheila Castaneda Gonzales who was elected number one in the municipal council in the last 2007 elections has set herself in reaching more people in need as she has not yet thought of politicking at this early.

Known as a woman of simplicity and substance Gonzales has focused on tasks that concerns socio- developments programs designed to help children and woman in contributing tasks that will help develop skills and welfare plans of the government.

Being the third child of Mayor Ernesto Jonas Castaneda and former Mayor Josefina Iday Castaneda, Sheila was exposed to a life were both of her parents has devoted most their times in public service and grew up to follow the same footsteps as public service has become her parents endeavor.

Sheila at her young age has learned the virtue of patience, sincerity and generosity which paved way for her to being a number one councilor in the last 2007 local elections.