Harsh slap of reality

03/02/2010 12:09

The national election campaign rumble starts February 11 while the local election campaign brouhaha commences on March 26 this year.

The kind of rumble I mean is not that of boxing, taekwondo or wrestling but mainly in campaign meetings secret and open caucuses to include meeting de-avances they will tackle on issues pertaining to good and bad governances, corruption and performances.

In Dagupan City the Al – Benjie tiff will loom to be the most thrilling, exciting encounter between two protagonists whose interest in winning is beyond money but dignity and honor it will not matter how much money they will spend neither the hardship they will endure during their campaign sorties but most importantly the sweet victory they will long to achieve at the end of the election everything is at stake in this fight.

Money, dignity, honor and family try to make your own survey, of 10 respondents you either will get 6 for Al and 4 for Benjie or vis-à-vis  6 for Benjie and 4 for Al this is how close you will get.  Issues wise both have their access to grind stories of corruption during both administrations from the useless incinerator of Al to the imaginary land acquisition in Brgy. Awai San Jacinto town of Benjie and the still unresolved garbage dump site in Bonuan Boquig by both administrations this time one thing though is sure, Al will definitely spend most of his money this time sabi nila lalabas na daw ang mga kinita niya sa Bureau of Immigration Office sa laban na ito I do not know what exactly they mean.

“Umpaway lay nan pisingan nen Apiong kuanda .” As for Benjie he has been used in spending money during elections alam niya ang kalakalan dito who knows? He might even earn after elections they say but no matter what it will still be a fight between two man running against their dignity, honor, and family Al’s waterloo will be his son Alvin. Ang berdugo ng mga empleyado sa city hall. While that of Benjie’s own cabal of sipsips he enjoys to employ.

As the campaign period is up expect a lot more stories to tell but let me ask you one question, between this two, who do you think will suffer the harsh slap of reality? The answer will be decided from your ballots come election.

In the province of Pangasinan, Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. and Congressman Victor E. Agbayani should now stop hitting each other through their advocacy campaign propagandas they say. Whether they like it or not the truth will have to come out.  It’s high time for both of them to have their loyalty checks among their leaders and die hard supporters it will be much easier for the Governor because he has his own brother Board Member Amadeo Espino who happens to be the President of all Barangay Captains in Pangasinan the question is how long they will hold on how many concessions it will take how much money more will be spend for projects. The Governor knows better probably as for Agbayani charms, charms and more charms he would do despite some meaningful snide attacks against the Governor through his radio advertisements. His snide against the governor will be useless though because the governor for now has earned for himself a multitude of admirers for what he has done for the province for just a short time.

The governor’s projects have a tremendous effect to the general public. The improvement in the health care services for the province transcends to the much needed care and attention of our people especially the poor ones. In fact there is no need to tell the people what Agbayani has done for them. Untidy Capitol, completed irrigation canals which were easily destroyed, constructions of provincial road-lines which were half done and other infrastructure projects which cannot be properly accounted notwithstanding the huge volume of medicines which were dug up at the capitol compound because it has expired and many more unthinkable things the Agbayani did during their administration.

Of the two, who do you think will suffer the fate of the harsh slap of reality? By our next issue we will tackle on political surveys bye bye for now.