Imitate for good

16/01/2010 07:21

The Local Government’s implementation of developmental plans and programs for this town is almost a duplicate of what the country’s known wall street or Makati City

Mayor Simplicio Sammy Rosario admitted to PangasinanToday that since the forged sisterhood ties of this town and Makati City along with other 129 towns and cities in the whole nation the programs of his administration has been set to duplicate possible ideas that would help make this town one of the province central business hub and soon to attract more financial institutions and business central district.

We have been investing more in beautifying and preparing this aqua-culture town to be one of the finest and historically preserved towns in the province to attract more investors and tourists that would help uplift the lives of the citizens of this town”. Rosario said

Rosario’s administration believes that setting a standard that would show case the beauty of the town and keeping the peace and order would be one of factors that would enhance its capability in attracting possible investors.

At the moment Binmaley has been continuously showing signs of improvements business establishments has been continuously coming,  their shoreline beaches has been significantly been promoted by national televisions for its cleanliness and developments are shown in its finest by merely building public infrastructures with magnificent architectural designs mostly the basic needs of the people from health benefits to educational benefits are properly being provided for by the local government spells clearly that the local government means business.

A business of pursuing public service at its best if not the finest.