Libunao: No loan during my term

31/08/2009 10:23



SAN FABIAN - Mayor Mojamito Libunao outlines the achievements of this town as a result of a good working relationship of his office and the councilmen.
Libunao said that despite inheriting more or less 30 million pesos from a loan that the previous administration had plus 16 to 17 percent interest rate added per annum the present administration was able to deliver basic social services and multi-million infrastructure developments for the people without incurring any loan from the time of his incumbency.

He said that during his first term, his first move was to reduce the interest rate of the amortization from 17 percent to 5 percent amounting to 1.5 million pesos from 4 million pesos per month.

Libunao added that this good working relationship was able to make this town one of the province prime class municipality in 2008 after attaining its second class in 2005 also during his term.

Last week Libunao was distributing two thousand PhilHealth cards out of the four thousand PhilHealth cards intended for each indigent families of this town anonymously approved by the Sangguniang Bayan.

Fourth district congressman Jose De Venecia gave six thousand four hundred PhilHealth cards while Governor Espino gave two thousand five hundred PhilHealth cards.

“We have also illuminated 6 kms of our national highways and was anonymously approved by the Sangguniang Bayan just like how we illuminated the market area” he said.

Nonetheless Libunao believes that mobilization of funds is a vital responsibility of the local chief executive better that mobilizing internal revenue allotment or local taxes.

“We were able to built our municipal hall from external mobilization of funds with the help of Speaker De Venecia Jr.”

“We were also able to have a new PNP building because of General Arturo Lomibao and De Venecia, our Rural Health building outsourced from the Department of Health and De Venecia, our Senior Citizens Building courtesy of Rotary Club of San Fabian under the presidency of Madam Irene Libunao”

“So this is how we work as a local chief executive in outsourcing and mobilizing funds for the development of our town”. Libunao explains.

Today the local government is constructing the old municipal hall amounting to eight million pesos where the two million came from Congressman De Venecia and the six million counterpart of the local government.

Meanwhile Libunao confirms his bid to serve the fourth district as a provincial board member in his capacity as a lawyer and a top brass executive lawyer from the University of the Philippines.

Libunao hopes that another sincere public servant who have a heart to continue his endeavor in making San Fabian a prime socio-economic tourism zone in the province.