Push to the limit

30/09/2009 12:42

Under our democracy, you will never know what happens next.

Apparently pushed to the edge and limits now second congressional district representative Victor E Agbayani has sought of no options remaining but to run for Governor anew.

He should have been contented after all his three terms is equivalent to almost a decade of having served the province as governor.

In fact he has nothing to prove he did what he has to do but why now?

After serving the province for nine years he wants to run again?

Yes indeed he will and it is final.

What would be his chances this time surely fighting governor Espino would mean facing all odds?

Machinery, logistics, and most importantly political power all intact in the hands of the governor

Could it be considered a grudge fight or could it be because Victor wanted to regain back the integrity, dignity, and honor that might have been lost because of the attacks of governor Espino’s drum beaters that have hurt him a lot against his former administration as governor of Pangasinan.

He said in a recent radio interview his comeback would mean giving the people of the province an alternative choice.

Sa aking muling pagtakbo malalaman natin sa taong bayan at magkakaroon sila ng comparison tungkol sa mga ginawa kong proyekto noon at sa mga ginagawa naman ngayon ni governor Espino.”

“Anu ba ang mga proyekto ko sa mga barangay noon anu ba ang mga nagawa nating kabutihan para sa mga taong bayan.”

He said in that particular radio interview the drum beaters of governor Espino now feels that they are invincible Espino they presumed could be an beatable this time with such resources I have just mentioned above in fact, some of his boys at the capitol are even arrogant enough to tell the public that Espino need not answer back in reply to Victor’s legitimate issues against Espino’s governance.

Was it Mr. Raffy Baraan who said na hindi na dapat sagutin ni Governor ang  mga yan kasi hindi nya ka level si Victor?

What a display of arrogance!

But look who seems to be in secured look at the way the capitol boys reacts whenever an issue against their big boss are raised over radio interviews Hindi sila mapakali  press release dito press release doon magkanu ka magkanu siya and money according to an insider at the Capitol exchanges hands in return for good and positive stories,  news reports and radio commentaries.

But having a control to almost all local publications and radio stations in the province will not mean they had already won the election.

Sa kababanat nila laban sa nagmumukhang kawawang si Victor, they will definitely find its toll against them and ultimately the governor will be at the receiving end.

Brace yourselves, Do you know that former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada when asked by a reporter of this paper whom he would support as governor of Pangasinan come the 2010 elections?  

The answer is a very big VICTOR E AGBAYANI, Why Victor asked the reporter Erap said

“ I am inclined to support congressman Victor Agbayani’s bid to run for governor first because we have seen how the father have serve the people of this vote rich province secondly Victor is for Masa since he takes care of the grass roots of the province and the grassroots leaders and people of the masa is the people of this republic whether we like it or not this is the Philippines and Filipino is the common tao and not the elite.”

You see! What could be the common denominator Of how a candidate will have an edge over the other? Don’t be arrogant, don’t feel as if you are invincible, and lastly do not be temperamental.

Remember anew the desiderata lines enjoy your achievements as well as your plans, be interested in your own career, however humble it is a rare possession in this changing fortune of time .

Anyway, let’s wish both of them Good Luck….