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28/09/2009 12:57

In the case of the Lacson -Estrada feud, what pieces of legislation might come out of it? Since Senator Estrada has lambasted Lacson for wiretapping, the former president’s son could initiate efforts to improve oversight in the use of intelligence funds for electronic surveillance, which can be legal, and other forms of intelligence gathering.

This is useful especially in the light of suspicions that Deputy National Security Adviser Luis Singson might have used government resources to place his estranged common-law wife under surveillance. It is not impossible to bring a measure of accountability in intelligence gathering activities.

There must be some piece of legislation that Lacson can come up with as a result of his revelations on what he describes as the true nature of Joseph Estrada and his son Jinggoy.

Congress has two principal functions: legislation and oversight. If a senator wants to use the Senate floor to clear his name before the court of public opinion, he can do so, but only if it is in aid of legislation. 

In the province the feud between Espino and Agbayani is now considered the sought after movie tv drama in action.

But later this will speak of the truth on how these two public servants in different fields could convince the people that they are the right man for the job they both will apply comes the 2010 elections.

But the fact will always remain now that Pangasinan is not yet in the tourism map of the Philippines making it impossible to attract investors that will totally be equal enough to be called that the province has reached the level of Cebu and Davao.

The fact will always remain that this province up-to now is not yet the province that the giant business investors will eye as the site of putting up a five star hotel and the like.

This simple things must always be remembered and give us a hint that we are still in search for the better man for Pangasinan.