Rosario gives 20 utility cab to chieftains

18/02/2009 12:44

 BINMALEY- In an aim to deliver better public service to the baragay the local government has distrtibuted 1 patrol cab for each barangay.

No less then Mayor Simplicio Rosario has distributed the units last Tuesday right before residents and different barangay officials from the 20 out of the 33 barangays.

Rosario told Pangasinan Today that the patrol cab is intended to be used by each barangay in patrolling their areas during the night especially that the provincial government has already distributed shot guns.

“Mas mabuti kung may sasakyan na gamit ang mga nagpapatrol sa barangay twing gabi lalo na at meron silang dalang malaking armas na kahit papaano mai didiscreet nila ang dala-dala nila”

It will be better off if they were able to discreet their shotguns as they patrol they barangay using the patrol cab. Rosario said.

Rosario has also asked the barangay chieftains of this town to avoid early politicking and set aside personal interest that will hinder their constituents from the benefits of development projects.

I personally asked the barangay captains who have declined to received this patrol cab simply because they prefer other mayor other than me however, I am not a mayor of the few so this things does not affect me instead they bring me more strength in serving my constituents better

Rosario also added that this project is a 50-50 sharing of funds from each barangay and the local government and that the local government is just waiting for the funds that will be used to purchase additional radio communication that will be included in the patrol car to ensure accurate communication and coordination with the PNP and the Mayor’s office to instill peace and order.

After the ceremonial distribution, the barangay officials were invited to see the Museum and at the same time coffee shop that will serve as the office of the newly formed tourism council of this town and the display center of all the product of Binmaley.