Said and Done

13/09/2009 09:53

Said and Done

Carlito Dion- He may be called a simple man, a civil engineer by profession but above all a barangay captain of Barangay Bued Calasiao,Pangasinan Lito as fondly called by his friends his no ordinary public servant as he serves his constituents well and gave this small village a national award several years back.

This community of industrious and cooperative people was once been chosen among the cleanest barangays nationwide by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources this award of excellence in terms of waste management and disposal was personally handed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Malacanang Palace to barangay captain Carlito Dion.

Because of this achievement several political groups, civic leaders, women groups, including some private associations has endorsed the candidacy of Lito to run for Vice Mayor if not Mayor this town.

Probably, this leaders has found excellent qualities in Lito’s capability to govern and likely serve the people of Calasiao .

If this happens whether Lito runs for Mayor or vice Mayor he will be considered by  the many  as a true, genuine, honest, with integrity,  sincere and a very strong  alternative public servant of this town.

Rodolfo Boy Dion-Respected District Engineer of  Pangasinan Second Engineering nickname Boy this civil servant has now accomplished a lot especially in Dagupan City.

Do you know that D.E. Dion has brought millions worth of infrastructure projects in the city?

Under his stewardship the first constructed over pass was built in this city notwithstanding the block topping of several main thoroughfares here the main drainage systems and the raising of the Mac Arthur Highway in Barangay Tapuac and  the just completed raising of the highway road along Arellano Bani among others in Dagupan City.

Engineer Dion who has probably learned to love Dagupan City more than any place could be considered the best district engineer by Dagupenos because of what he has accomplished now and in the future let us watch for more projects this public servant may yet bring to Dagupan City.

Sammy Rosario- Mayor Sammy of the town of Binamaley is now serving his constituent on his second term as the Mayor of this growing Municipality in the Second District of the province.

SAM which means Serbisyo Agad Maasahan as the people of this town has branded him for accomplishing several infrastructure developments like the La Presidencia which simply gave an impression of what a leader should be, the new legislative building, the PNP building and the Museum Binmalena anmd the children’s park  which made this town among the several most promising towns in terms of commerce trade and tourism braised with aquaculture potential in the next few years .

Sam ‘s unprecedented way of serving the youth in his belief that they are the Hope of this Fatherland he was able to find a way to give all public school pupils in elementary and highschool students , free school supplies from note books to pencils and bags including school T shirts, aside from making sure that education is free for all, free from all fees and contribution and if ever the local government will be the one to pay for it.

Because of this sincere way of leadership and public service  trade and commerce has started sprouting in this town like mush rooms in the night giving economic impact in this town making it a prey for those who would like to grab this opportunity.

It is more likely seen in the next few months that money will again be spreading in exchange for power but the people is now contemplating on maintaining a status quo in leadership of this town considering that there will not be enough monetary consideration equal to what Sam has been doing now in the name of public service for this town and the people of Binmaley.

What has happened to PAG ASA forecast? they say that the country will soon experience El Nino but what has happened? For almost five months now since May rain seems to pour from the heavens we are now on the Ber months but rains continue to come where is El Nino?

Anyway as the saying goes it is better wet than dry.

Watch for the formal announcement of GMA’s top reporter correspondent Maki Pulido daughter of Mayor Nestor and board Member Alice Pulido of Anda Pangasinan who is running for congress in the first district here.