Sales leave Point Blank

28/01/2009 10:50


General Manager

MANAOAG - Mayor Napoleon Sales was left point blank and un aware when experts arrived in Manaoag to conduct test that will conclude if Ebola Reston Virus is present in every hog  and farm attendant in this town.

Sales told newsmen in a chance interview that He felt that He was not properly informed by the Department of Health and the provincial Veterinary Office during the conduct of test.

He reiterated further that he has nothing against the test but he felt that a gesture of courtesy would have been fine in lieu of protocol procedures.

In 2007 several representatives of the Department Of Health arrived along with the Provincial Veterinarians to conduct series of test to different farms and check if this virus exists in the piggery farms of Manaoag, where results of the test shows that hogs from this farms are negative from the Ebola reston Virus.

Sales added that gathering of samples for the same test happened this 2008 but none of these officials even went to my office to tell me what has been going on.

It will be recalled that hog products from these areas has been feared of being affected with this virus where consumers turned to buy alternative meat rather than pork ,making this scenario a loosing factor for this business.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III declined to identify the source of blood samples who turned positive of acquiring the Ebola Reston Virus but managed to have a strong anti-bodies making them negative over the ill effects of the said Virus.