San Carlos City is Livelier and Business As Usual……Ayoy

15/09/2008 17:48

General Manager

SAN CARLOS CITY-More business ventures have expressed interests in opening here as a result of apossitive descision making of both the executive and the legislative  body as the local government tracks its implementations of plans and programs at 60 percent with innovations abraised with time as projects implemented bigger than the usual.

Mayor Resuello added that Multi Million Infrastructure Development projects is now  on its way.

The City government has been granted by the Philippine Natinal Bank PNB a loan amounting to 250 Million Pesos this year enabling the city to purchased additional heavy equipments amounting to 75 million Pesos that will be used to augment implementation of the R.A. 9003 also known as the Solid Waste Management Act.

54 Million Pesos  is now  being utilized to complete concreting of barangay roads,and the first city’s  state of the art health facility to be named Mayor Julian Valerio  Resuello Dialysis Center where the city government will counterpart a 15 million pesos in support for Governor Amado T.Espino’s health development programs and  putting up a Dialysis center at the Pangasinan provincial Hospital, another five Million Pesos will be used to rehabilitate the slaughter house and five Million pesos to develope additional sitefor the public cemetery and four million more to add another phase for the public market.

Meanwhile, as the city government plans to spill commercialization outside it’s main business district, the local government has been continously investing efforts in improving byproducts that labels this city for what it is being known for in the market where the sweetest mangoe and quality bamboo crafts originated 

Resuello assured that this is still one of the province’s peaceful city where the emerging tiger of North goes business as usual.