Show is over

13/09/2009 12:31

After forty days of former President Corazon C Aquino’s death and the emergence recently from a five day retreat in Davao now comes the decision to run for president.

The show is over.

It is now time to face the reality of Philippine Politics power, influence and money politics will again play a major role in the coming elections.

How can we put an end to massive vote buying, the use of guns and the maneuverings of the wealthy businessmen and women that will ensure the victory of their chosen ones?

Surely, our indigent and needy electorates will be lured in selling their votes again from the mighty, powerful and the rich even as anarchy of conscience can well open the doors of political insecurity.

We can only hope that our passion for democracy and thirst for an honest government could stop the fate of our country from national perdition whenever election comes.

With Noynoy’s candidacy a ray of hope has come to us can he truly inspire the people to finally unite and joined forces in combating the evils of corruption in the national and local government of Philippine dirty politics.

Behind broken dreams it is better to hope.

Let us light a candle and not cursed the darkness.