Urdaneta launched veggie production program

28/01/2009 10:54



URDANETA CITY – A city- wide vegetable production program was launched by the city government to provide sufficient food and nourishment.

City Mayor Amadeo Perez Jr. told the PANGASINAN TODAY that the city government will assists among its constituents in producing their own vegetable harvest in their own backyards for food production.

The city government is pushing hard for this project to succeed, noting that vegetable planting only requires minimal capital as compared to hog and poultry raising.

The city had already distributed vegetable seedlings to its constituents including senior citizens.

“In two weeks, seedling will be available to all public schools” Perez said.

Perez said, adding that in two weeks, seedlings will also be made available to all public schools.

Priority for massive production is malunggay, a local favorite which nutritionists say is rich in vitamins and minerals for human nourishment.

“The financial crisis does not hurt us yet but we are prepared for the worst,” Perez said as he stressed that an abundant supply vegetables among backyards would mean that people need not spend to buy their regular vegetable supply.